Dark Reflection

This is Dark Reflection, while creating this video it was my first time filming a night project. I found really fasinating because I had never made a night project before and this video helped me expierment with different types of settings that is need to record in different lighting and environments.

This was part of a Plymouth University project which me and my class mates had to make a 2 minute short film. And I wanted to do something new and experiemntal and this video is an example of that the different shots of lights, windows and reflections is a understanding of what any footage could like when filmed in dark places or at night.

But what I most love about this video is that the music and the footage put you in a kind of trance which you emerge yourself in the experience which feels like a little exploration of the urban areas of New York city but instead of New York its Plymouth.

All the shots were taken all around plymouth city centre.




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