Qualifications & Experience


I have collaborated with Plymouth University in a society called S.U MEDIA which I have gained experience has a reporter/journalist. I am really confidant in my abilities for I have made promotional videos dedicated to the students of Plymouth University parties and freshers week.

Freshers week is a a list of events and parties that for every new students who arrives at the university it was here which I joined a society called S.U MEDIA. During the promotional videos I am able to present accurate information about the event and what was taking place. I also have experience in vox populi going round asking random strangers questions and get their responses I am quite use to the feel of vox populi for I also practised it in college.


During college I learned how to control a TV studio and make a full Magazine show which has helped me enhance my skills in Vision mixing, directing, planning and designing. It was also through this project I learned how to lead and cooperate with a team and especially communication.



  • Diploma  in Imedia

A technology and game design programme.


  • Certificate Design & Technology

Woodshop or (Workshop) creating things out of materials.


  • Certificate Word Processing

Digital documentation, speed typing & auto correct.


  • C English
  • Level 2 Diploma In Media Production

TV programming, technical development & Movie production.


  • Level 3 Diploma In Media Production

Advanced Programming, journalism, film theory & Sound engineering.



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