Business Profile:

Name: Kyle Christie

Located: Plymouth, Devon, England


Hi there I am a Film Maker, Editor and Animator, I have produced various animations and films for Plymouth University. I Also took part in a Educational Society Called S.U. MEDIA which I have produced and helped document for promotion of the University, which has enhanced my skills for journalisum and client management.



Skill Set:


The type of equipment I use can vary on the type of project I’m working on.

For instance.

  • Video & Film


I always use Canon for Video or Film specifically the DSLR EOS 5D Mark 2 and for video I use a mirror-less Camera a Canon EOS M10. For both video and film i will always use a 200m Zoom with boom mic and pole.

My equipment can change depending on what activities I do so for many tracking shots or point of view I tend to us GoPro more for fast action and wide spaced shots.


  • Stop Motion Animation & Time lapse


For stop motion I love to use the Canon 700D the pictures that the camera produces is always HD and of high definition the device also comes with a few accessory kits which is used and need perfectly for stop motion or time lapse conditions. For gathering sound and voice I would use a recording studio and the exact same sound equipment for Video and Film.



When it comes to software I describe myself as an editor and Motion Graphics Enthusiast.

I can edit and make content on my own, with ease and without assistance. I am very comfortable using professional Software by Adobe and I find it more comfortable and suitable to my needs of practice when creating and editing content. Adobe gives me the tools and creative power by subscribing to a monthly payed fee to gain access to a Creative Cloud of multiple softwares which I can use at my disposal. There are other softwares I use but I will just mention the one brand for it has mostly everything I need in one package.

These are the softwares from the Creative Cloud which I can use up to my full potential insuring the best content is made and produced for a client.


  • Premiere Pro

This is an editing software which I use to cut and put together footage that will make a video or a film. The software is straight forward and easy to use especially when it comes to inserting subtitles, key frame movement as well sound quality adjustments. It has all the tools necessary making my content look great and professional such as video and picture enhancements such as colour correction and a few range of effects.

  • After Effects

With this program I use to create and develop motion graphics and presentation animations. With this software I can enhance the quality and style of my content by making and applying special effects to them. This software is the next stage or a high-level of content production for title sequences and special effects. This software focuses more on professional key framing than Premiere Pro.

  • Adobe Animate

Unlike After Effects, Adobe Animate is used only for animation, this program has moved away from special effects and motion graphics to more of character and narrative design. With Adobe Animate I can create produce my own imaginative world with its own narrative, characters and style. With this program I can create animations for myself and clients, which gives me all to tools needed to creating a decent and professional animation.

  • Adobe Audition

Especially during radio and for full sound efficiency, I use this audio software to produce and develop amazing sound for my production films and animations. Audition focuses all on sound which I use to develop the most professional soundtracks, music and sound I need to make great quality audio.


Inspirations & Influences:


My brother and grandfather have been a big influence in my life, in how I decided what I wanted to do and what I was going to become.

I was really influenced a lot by Walt Disney and Japanese animation. This was the first thing that blow out my mind as a child and found fascinating. It was only until I got to secondary school did I decide I wanted to do animation. I also remember my parents and watching a soap called Days of Our Life’s which got me into drama, tension, story lines and action packed films. It was only then did I started to think of becoming a media artist that creates and produces multiple content whether it be animation, motion graphics, film, video and art.