Solar System (Presentation)

This was a animation produced for a short presentation about the book of convergence. Title: Social Media Solar System Type: Digital Description: The animation was made using After Effects, it shows social platforms or it least their logos orbiting the sun (media).   Animator: Kyle Christie Advertisements


  This animation was a collaborative project between me and my class mate, this was during our second module in university. Title: Configuration Genre: Experimental Description: This is an experimental piece of work using plasticine to show two forces at work fighting against each other and then merge into one being. It is called Configuration … More Configuration

Inanimate Orchestra

Inanimate Orchestra: Duration: 3:00 Minutes   Graphic Notation Music and graphic notation is the representation of making music through symbols or objects that wouldn’t necessarily be used to write music. The idea of using this kind of writing to construct a piece of music using objects (Symbol’s) to develop a piece of music through visual … More Inanimate Orchestra