RAG Boat Party

This was a party event taking place on a boat down by the plymouth docks. S.U MEDIA went out to film this event to show how boat parties are enjoyable. This video was to Promote Plymouth University. Title: Rag Boat Party Type: Plymouth University Promotion   Presenter: Kyle Christie Camera Man & Editor: Dmitri Domoskanov

Freshers Week DAY 1

This is Day 1 of freshers week where all new students get to experience plymouth and see all the events that take place. In this video I helped present the Night life. Title: Freshers Week Day 1 Type: Plymouth University Promotion   Presenter 1: Jake Bulton Presenter 2: Kyle Christie Camera Man: Dmitri Domoskanov


These are my clients which I work and collaborate with to produce content. My clients are respected organisations working and helping out the community in Plymouth. The University also collaborates with these organisations giving students opportunities and work experience.

The Life of Olivia

This is a short film that was produced in my first year of university and was my first time using blood on camera. Title: The Life of Olivia Genre: Psychological Thriller Description: Olivia awakes to find herself in a strange place and doesn’t know where she is, a strange man sitting next to her appears … More The Life of Olivia

Solar System (Presentation)

This was a animation produced for a short presentation about the book of convergence. Title: Social Media Solar System Type: Digital Description: The animation was made using After Effects, it shows social platforms or it least their logos orbiting the sun (media).   Animator: Kyle Christie